This Is My Story

This is a story not so different from most of us chasing success. This is a destiny kind of story filled with inspiration. Get me right, this is not an easy story, it is just my story of how the journey has been thus far.

The Story Behind The Man and The Brand

honde valley

As I look back at my history, I  just can't help but think that even as an infant, I already had a fascination with wine. In this valley I saw my first daylight in an area referred to as Ruda, a beautiful place just a stone throw away from Hauna Growth Point. With such surrounds, who can resist the magnetism? 


My formal education was in Zimbabwe til University graduating with an MBA in Economics and Sports Psychology. My upbringing had nothing to do with my love for the vine beyond the table. Having been raised by a strong widow after dad passed at an early age (literally gone too soon), all she ever wanted was for me to be educated and successful and alcohol would have been a distraction and no topic of discussion, but hey, destiny is destiny.


South Africa welcomed me in the year 2013. By this time my own country was economically unfavorable and even my wine DNA could not convince me as I saw that practicing and residing in my own country was blurred with teary eyes from the pain of leaving a place I had known all my life and called home. At that time all seemed impossible due to the economic hardships and political instability, which then left Zimbabwe in Isolation from the International Community.


I landed my first runner job at The Royal Hotel where I would later work my way up the Hospitality industry ladder. A runner, being the one who carries plates to and from the tables with a smile for extra tips, I immediately put my adventure mind to task and practice. I made it my business to know what I carried to the tables, which is why when I got offered a glass of  Babylon’s Peak Chenin Blanc, it was a perfect opportunity to know that gem that kept people booking day in and day out without getting enough of the treat. I made sure the glass was not wasted ?

In The Wine Cellar


My wine initiation was not without its consequences. After the offered glass became two, what did I expect for a rookie? ??. The fruit (grape), tasted so much better from the bottle, before I knew it, I was writing business proposals in my own mind. And it goes without saying that such an amount of impromptu success comes at a price. What followed that one afternoon is bug hit me with inspiration after chasing ghosts ? 


After the ghosts then chased me, I was bugged for two days from work. Then was the move to MAMA CUCCINA. It is not too much of a lie to say wine then elevated me. Johan and Koen were great mentors and they played a huge role in my first Wine List as their rookie. After this achievement I was just head hunted by Aubergine Restaurant where the challenge became even bigger. Working under one of the biggest cellars in South Africa and being guardian to 17 000 wine bottles plus 800 references, this was by far the largest wine list I had worked with. I knew at this point that I was going for big things and there was no stopping.


I never stopped pushing as I decided to take up wine as a full on career. I studied up to WSET Level 3 in order to help my taste buds in mastering the art of the grape very well. I went on to achieve Best Young Sommelier Status 2017 in South Africa, I was one of the best top 5 blind wine tasters in the western cape (SWTC) organised by Jean Vincent Ridon. I am part of the first Zimbabwean team to participate at the World Blind Wine Tasting Championships 2017 and 2018 coming 23rd and 14th respectively.


The love for the fast growing fine South African Wine Industry in my backyard, coupled with my strong belief that these wines have stories to tell and deserve to find homes in EU, saw me embarking on a journey in 2017 to build a portfolio of fine and unique wine producers from around the Cape, cautiously choosing brands  by people of color, women in wine and BEE producers. By year 2018 beginning, I had a full portfolio ready for export to THE  NETHERLANDS

Dzimbahwe Brands

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