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Blind Ambition: the refugees who conquered

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Tara Brady Wrote; When Tinashe was first hired by a South African restaurant, he was asked about his knowledge of wines. “I only knew red and wine”, he recalls. When Pardon began wondering about the sommeliers around him, he tried wine for the first time: “I drank a little bit, and a little bit, and then I got sick for two days.” Marlvin was equally unfamiliar with booze of any kind, having been raised in a Pentecostal church that forbids alcohol, before finding work as a wine taster; “Jesus’s first miracle was to turn water into wine,” he smiles. “I remember well my very first sip of wine,” says Joseph, the current head sommelier at La Colombe restaurant: “And I didn’t like it.”


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Blind Ambition review: 'A full-bodied feel-good film' about a Wine Tasting Olympic team

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Blind Ambition, film review — rags-to-results documentary follows four unlikely sommeliers

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